About Me

TeresaMrSkittyI am an acupuncturist, wellness coach, and writer. On these pages you’ll find information on health, wellness, and being your best self. I’ve been walking this path in one way or the other all my life, and I’m still learning. I would love to share the things I’ve learned and learn from you.

If you want to live a sensible life in harmony with your environment; if you believe the best way to live is to look on the bright side and use the advantages positivity brings; or if you are looking for encouragement as you become the person you are meant to be; I am here to help.

I’ve been interested in natural health since I was a child. My degree in Chinese medicine includes training in modern biomedicine, Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture, acupressure, and lifestyle therapy according to Chinese medicine. I have training in life and wellness coaching, aromatherapy, and sound therapy.

I have lived the life I recommend to my patients and clients. I have had bumps in that road, and had to adapt to health problems and life trip-ups. I have been there. I can help you find your best way to manage your life.

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