We work with you to build a coaching or treatment plan that fits your treatment goals, finances, and schedule. Here are our services:

Life and Wellness Coaching


Includes all coaching services.

Chinese Medicine Treatments

Acupuncture Visit
Initial Visit: $145 (approx. 90 minutes)
–Initial interview
–Treatment plan
–Acupuncture treatment
–Lifestyle recommendations based on Chinese medicine
–Herbal consultation (herbal formulas are an extra charge)

Regular Visit: $90 (approx. 60 minutes)
–Acupuncture treatment
–Herbal consultation (herbal formulas are an extra charge)

Acupuncture Membership: $200/month  (discount available for new members)
–Up to five regular visits per month
–Unlimited ear acupuncture visits,
–Appointments available as the schedule permits.

Ear Acupuncture: $30
–Ear acupuncture use the principles of acupuncture using ear points.
–Treatments usually take about 20 minutes.
Green AcuClinic currently offers these treatments as “mini-treatments” for general well-being only.  Ear acupuncture can also be scheduled before massage or chiropractic visits to help you relax.

Herbal Treatment / Lifestyle Consultation
Herbal and Lifestyle Consultations are included in the price of an initial acupuncture visit.  If you would like herbal treatment only, see the charges below.

First Visit: $60
–Initial interview
–Herbal or dietary consultation
–Herbal formulas are custom blended and are an extra charge
You do not need to schedule a “first visit” for a consultation if you have already been seen for acupuncture.

Regular Visit: $40
Herbal formulas are custom blended and are an extra charge