Is there a better path to health? 


What if your first choice was a food instead of a pill when your health took a bad turn? What if you could prevent illness from occurring in the first place? What if you moved towards your goal with joy instead of feeling overwhelmed and guilty at your lack of progress? What if you could take the time to take care of yourself without guilt?

Chinese medicine is based on the belief that health is the natural result of living in harmony with your environment. Whether that means taking your health history into consideration when building your routine, or just putting a scarf on when it’s cold and wet, Chinese medicine has focused on keeping people healthy for thousands of years. The same principles of bending with your environment, and working with the energy around you instead of constantly fighting problems can improve your life as you work towards your goals.

When you come to my office, you will find a professional focus on creating optimum health and life satisfaction rather than simply treating illness or finding things that are wrong. We will work together to make an action plan that will work for you, and move toward joyful fulfillment.